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  "Lemurs on the Loose"

  Part ONE of the trilogy ...
(The amazing and almost unbelievable story of the Madagascar lemurs Skessfardee and Skrillywoo)


Prologue (One fine day at the zoo)

When waking each day in a cage
Some might cry and others rage.
But Skessfardee and Skrillywoo
Knew just what they were going to do;


Skessfardee and Skrillywoo
Were long-tailed lemurs at the zoo
Who never saw themselves that way
And so they planned to run away!

When the other lemurs heard the plot
They all began to hate the spot
And every one said, "Count me in!"
So let the lemur's tale begin!

They all laid down like they were dead
About the time they would be fed.
The keeper, shocked, threw wide the door;
- And every lemur hit the floor!

Before the keeper could react
Her uniform became all tracked
And so they contravened the laws
With wild stampeding lemur paws!

Skessfardee and Skrillywoo
Led fifty lemurs through the zoo.
The keeper called to close the gate
Is all now lost? Is it too late?

The gate is locked! What will they do?
There now is no way to get through.
Each lemur leapt it easily;
They never studied gravity!

Skessfardee and Skrillywoo
In the lead, ran buggity-boo
With all the others close behind
And Madagascar on their mind!

But where is Madagascar?
And can we get there faster?
So down the street the lemurs flew
But not one really knew where to.

By now the news was far and wide.
"Lemurs on the loose!", they cried.
"Danger! Danger!", they would say.
"What is a lemur, anyway?"

Some people shouted "Rabies!"
And others grabbed their babies.
"I guess that's just what people do,"
Said Skessfardee and Skrillywoo.

Up and down the winding street
with acrobatic lemur feet
Fifty lemurs to and fro -
But where would all the lemurs go?

A block away, Janetta Flub,
Chair of the Cuddle Nature Club,
Had just begun to give her talk
About a forest nature walk;

When in dashed 'nature' through the aisles.
What happened to the people's smiles?
The Cuddle Nature Club, so mild
Said, "Nature talks here are too wild!".

Running through an open door,
"Twittles Grooming and Pet Store",
A customer had just walked in
And with these words he did begin:

"I'd like an animal, exotic;"
Enter lemurs all chaotic!
For lemurs it was all in fun.
The man revived, by 911.

Wild adventure can be neat
But even lemurs have to eat.
But now they all froze in their tracks;
A paradise of lemur snacks!

They had run into a grocery store!
The paradise of lemur lore.
And most began to gorge themselves
From all the tasty produce shelves.

Then Skessfardee and Skrillywoo
Knew what they now would have to do.
"Stop!", they chirped, "Though fun is fun,
If you eat too much you cannot run!".

Would a lemur and a pile of fruit
Heed the call in time to scoot?
Their call was drowned out by the crunching
Of forty-eight big lemurs munching!

Meanwhile the mayor was alerted.
The grocery store had now been skirted
By animal control with nets
And tranquilizer-darting vets.

A helicopter with the News
Gave updates and unbiased views.
"We think this crisis may end GORY.
Tune in at ten for the whole story!".

The SWAT team in full riot gear,
Cornered lemurs hugged in fear;
The darts were aimed, the nets were raised
At fifty lemurs shocked and dazed.

Just then a man stepped in the middle
With lifted arms,; what is this riddle?
>From the Isle of Madagascar!".

"Our loan of lemurs, I must say,
Has expired this very day.
And now that I have told you so
I'll take my lemurs an we'll go!".

The SWAT team, faces all aghast,
Watched as the lemurs all filed past.
But since the truth should all be told
Some lemurs were so stuffed they rolled.
Lemurs in a limousine
Soon had left behind the scene.
Lemurs on the loose will roam
But now the lemurs are all home.

Epilogue (One fine day indeed)

The city people won't forget
The day the lemurs and they met
And played a game of peek-a-boo
With Skessfardee and Skrillywoo.

So as we bid a fond farewell
You might think this much to tell
But remember this your whole life long;
Lemur's tales are very long!



  - by a brother in California, USA  10/97

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