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  KMJB Download Instructions

Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP Software Release:
Kingdom Melodies Jukebox

Kingdom Melody Jukebox

A special absolutely free programme written by a brother in Scotland (Alan Gauld).  It is designed to play the Kingdom Midi files. You can make a "Playlist" (or as many playlists as you like) with all your favourites.  Or you can use it to play just one or two songs "on the fly".  Also features "Repeat" mode.  There's a handy cross-reference to see the title of any song by number.

KMJB will not play MP3 files, but it will play any midi file, not just the Kingdom Melodies. However, you will not be able to see the title of the songs the way you can with KM files from our archives.

This is the latest version (4.2) and the install routine has been simplified, also the way that the midi directory is specified has been made more clear.  There are other improvements including the way the songs can be moved, and the playlist function.

It has been tested on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP.


Easy Steps . . .

1. CLICK HERE to download (360kb)
2. Save the dowloaded file in a temporary folder
3. Run this kmjb42.exe file, and it will unzip itself
4. Read the readme file (do not skip this step!)
5. Run "install"

NOTE: This install is just 360kb.  The actual song files must be downloaded separately (click here for midi archives) and saved to a directory. Then you can "point" the KMJB program to that directory for it to find and play the files.

This program is very small and uses minimal system resources.  Enjoy!

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