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Brain Teaser

How many of the sixteen Bible books hidden in the paragraph below can YOU find?

I once made a remark about the hidden books of the Bible.  It was a lulu; kept people looking so hard for facts ... and for others it was a revelation.  Some were in a jam, especially since the names of the books were not capitalized.  But the truth finally struck home to numbers of our readers.  To others it was a real job.  We want it to be a most fascinating few moments for you.  Yes, there will be some really easy ones to spot.  Others may require judges to help them.  I will quickly admit it usually takes a minister to find one of them, and there will be loud lamentations when it is found.  A little lady says she brews a cup of tea so she can concentrate better.  See how well you can compete.  Relax now, for there really are sixteen names of books of the Bible in this paragraph.

(answers below - but give yourself a fair go before you peek!)

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Great Sayings of Biblical Mothers
  • David!  I told you not to play in the house with that sling! Go practice your harp. We pay good money for those lessons!
  • Abraham!  Stop wandering around the countryside and get home for supper!
  • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego!  Leave those clothes outside, you smell like a dirty ol' furnace!
  • Noah!  No, you can't keep them!  I told you, don't bring home any more strays!
  • Gideon!  Have you been hiding in that wine press again?  Look at your clothes! (Judges 6:11)
  • James and John!  No more burping contests at the dinner table, please.  People are going to call you the sons of thunder! (Mark 3:17)

Brain Teaser Answers

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