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Back to Index PageHard Witnessing Folder. These days many don't want to carry a big bag. In our territory at least it tends to put the householders off. So we developed this padded stiff Witnessing Folder, to carry under the arm. (Personally, if there's a long way to walk, I slip my fingers under the strap and carry it in the "normal" way until the next house.) There's a place for everything - brochures and magazines in one side, on the other side I carry regular Bible, Reasoning book,Knowledge book, Good News for All Nations booklet, even the Daily Text. It is easy to get what you want without breaking eye contact with the householder. Also there is a place for a pen, and a special clear pocket for tracts. The H-H records go in the other side, and this clear pocket is cut out so you can write on the H-H record without removing it. The strap holds the folder closed with hook & loop tape for travelling, and neatly tucks behind the magazines when actually in use. Made from automotive grade upholstery vinyl. (Ford, usually, but sometimes GM when we can't get the Ford!) The base is thick boxboard, and the outside is padded.

Black or Brown Vinyl - AU$30 (i.e. about US$24)

We also make this one in cowhide top grain leather. It appears the same, but there are some refinements in finish which are not practical with the vinyl, but possible with leather. Although Black and Brown are in stock, we will also make it to order in other colours if we have the leather on hand. (Or even special colours and finishes if you order enough to use a whole side of leather.) Just drop us an email and ask whether your colour is possible at this time.

Black or Brown Top-Grain Cowhide - AU$80 (i.e. about US$64)

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