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Welcome to this private area.

Here you can find just two things - our catalogue of Service Accessories, and the Order Form.

We have no objection to you passing our email address ( on to other baptized Witnesses, but please keep it to that.   We would prefer to issue the password to this area ourselves so we know who has access.   And of course, we occasionally change the password for additional security.   Not being paranoid, but we don't want to give a false commercial impression to non-Witnesses.   :-)


Put here to address some of the concerns you may have about our operation . . .

Our principal business is our Internet Marketing Consultancy.   These accessories are a little sideline. We used to have a fashion accessory business mainly involving leather belts.   We started filling requests from friends for leather Bible covers, and then it grew.   Although we have closed the fashion accessory business down and we recently sold the theocratic accessory business to another brother, we are keeping this going as a service.   The brother who bought the business currently employs baptized brothers and sisters as "outworkers" on a part-time basis, and they do all the manufacturing now.

Should you want some of the products, we make them available to you too.

Please browse our catalogue if you wish, and ask any questions you like.



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